Hallo! My name is Monica and I am from Roma, Italy, where I was born some time ago and where I lived ever since. Before moving to Texas, that is. And except for one year I spent in beautiful Canada.
But anyway.

I love cooking, for a very simple reason, the best reason: I love food.
It’s not just that I love eating good food… that would be obvious, right?
I love food intended as the way different people and different cultures have historically developed different recipes and different cooking techniques, based on the ingredients they had on hand. Historically speaking, cooking is a way of making the most with what you had. This resonates with me. A lot.

Also, I spent my working days seated for hours in front of some kind of screen, using my fingers mainly to type. I think that cooking is a better way to make use of my hands, and it’s way more rewarding. That’s why I like making my own stock, my own béchamel, my own pie crust, my own pumpkin purée.

I’d like to say that I always loved cooking ever since I could reach the stove, but unluckily this would be a lie: I begun cooking to be self-sufficient as to provide my stomach with my favourite food. To be able to enjoy quiche lorraine without having to rush to France or arepas without actually going all the way to Colombia.

It is also true that I live in a city where I can easily find restaurants for every food I may crave, and I love dining out.
And while at home I mainly focus on the traditional foods of the world, when I go dining out I also like to be surprised by inventive chefs, with original takes on classics, unusual pairings and daring dish presentations.

When I am not cooking (it happens!), I love reading: I read novels mostly, and I don’t have a favourite genre, since making a choice is not really my thing.
I love novels for the same reason I love going to the movies: I adore spending a couple of hours in someone else’s life, especially if it’s only a fictional character.
I love traveling, but I consider myself more like an aware tourist rather than a real traveler.
I already enjoy the planning of the trip, selecting destinations, reading the guidebook, searching on the internet… and the best part, of course, is trying to figure out what magnificent food I will be able to try.