Did I mention that I live in Texas now?


In one of my last posts, I said I was leaving Canada for what I then hoped would be “just a brief stop before the next step”.
Meaning that I hoped to come back to Canada as soon as possible to find a permanent job as a chemical engineer in Calgary.
This resolution was ill-timed to say the least, our lives being so dependent on the price of the oil barrel, and this price being spiralling down ever since June 2014.
So to Italy I came back, and the first consequence was that I had no time to dedicate to my blog, life in Italy being what it is.
And then, after a little more than one year, this new opportunity arose, and we moved to Houston, Texas, USA.

Houston skyline
I never thought of myself as someone living in a place where palms grow, or a place where you need to turn on air conditioning on Christmas Day… the contrast with Canada couldn’t be more striking.
Just last week, we made the headlines with an exceptional downpour leading to exceptional flooding of the city.
But aside from the weather, Texas seems to me a great place to live, and I have to admit that in spite of myself I love my new city: Houston has it all, it’s just that she doesn’t like to show off.
As on this blog we’re all into food, I’ll tell you that I discovered that Houston has been ranked the 5th food city in America by the Washington Post, and that I myself have seen and read about at least 20 places I want to try, between restaurants, bars and food trucks.
What’s even more amazing, is that this is not a tourist city, as Rome or Paris or San Francisco… so all this restaurants are for the locals!
Maybe I found my place in the world? I’ll just have to wait and taste!

Animal symbol of Texas

Animal symbol of Texas


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