…and what is ricottaforte, exactly?

OK, it’s one year I have started this blog, so it’s about time to reveal the world what ricotta forte is and how to use it.
Ricotta forte is a creamy fresh cheese made with sheep, goat and cow milk; it is then preserved for some 12 months, and then it is ready to be used, having aquired its tangy and pungent taste.

It is a typical product of Salento, the southernmost tip of Puglia, my mother’s family origin region.
She merely born there, meaning that she was given birth there in the last years of WWII because my grandparents thought it was safer, but she grew up in Rome, so nothing of her home town has left a mark on her. Instead my father (who’s from the other side of Italy’s south) and me (born & lived in Rome neraly ever since), we’re more enthusiastic about Puglia than she is…
So it’s not very surprising that the glass jar of home-made ricotta forte that was always stationing in the fridge during my childhood was there for my father, ‘cause he used to eat it like this, just spread on bread with olives as a side. Me I didn’t, for I couldn’t stand the smell… but thank God I improved growing up, and I am now a supporter of ricotta forte if ever there was one!!
So IF you’ll like it, you’ll love to spread it on plain bread or on crostini, or add it to tomato sauce on your pasta!!!
Any pasta will do, but I used these sagne ‘ncannulate… a fresh pasta format, typical of my area, Salento.



100 gr sagne ‘ncannulate
tomato sauce
1 teaspoon of ricotta forte.

Basically you only need a portion of pasta and tomato sauce prepared just the way you like it. I usually make a simple pomodoro e basilico (tomato with basil) sauce.
While pasta is cooking, you mix two spoonfuls of tomato sauce with ricotta forte in your plate. When pasta is done (al dente, mi raccomando!) you put it in the plate, and mix until the sauce is well distributed over the pasta.


Note: this pasta is very easy to make, provided you manage to find ricotta forte, of course!
Here is the link of the producer of the ricotta forte I use to buy whenever I take a trip to Salento:


5 responses to “…and what is ricottaforte, exactly?

  1. ricotta forte… sono italiana, ho avuto amiche pugliesi ma non ne ho mai sentito parlare :O come e´ possibile? deve essere una cosa fantastica… un giorno verro´ in puglia promesso

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