From USA: macaroni & cheese

Do you know what this is? If you do, chances are you live in North America, or even UK or Australia.
If you live in Europe, it may be that you don’t.
If you live in Italy, you surely don’t have any idea.
So I have to explain to non-anglo readers (should I have any), that macaroni and cheese are a baked pasta with a cheesy bechamel.
It’s the epitome of North American comfort food, what you prepare for your kids’ birthday parties: shelves and shelves at the supermarket are occupied by macaroni and cheese boxes, with different sizes, different flavours and different brands.

IMG_1514 - Copia

Out of curiosity, we tried the “industrial version”, and then we made a “home-made” version (with the Gourmet recipe).

To nobody’s big surprise, C found the Kraft version disgusting, and the home-made version delicious…


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