The secret of my success

I am busy packing. In less than one week I’ll go back to Rome, for what I hope will be just a brief stop before the next step.
I don’t have much time for cooking, or for blogging about it.
Yet we have to eat something and so I had to cook, as eating out too frequently in Alberta can bring lethal damage to the arteries.
Therefore I decided to invest a couple of hours, preparing something that we can eat for the next couple of days: cous cous with vegetables.
I can feel your disappointment through the screen right now… oh, no, not the n-thousandth cous cous recipe on the web!
But wait: I’ll tell you the secret behind my extremely successful version!

No big scoop on ingredients: one eggplant, one red pepper, one orange pepper, one yellow pepper, one tomato, one onion, a celery core, a cup of frozen peas, one garlic clove, a couple of basil leaves and a bunch of mint.
One zucchini would go as well, but today at the supermarket they were just too horrible.


Start cutting the eggplant into dices: sprinkle them with salt and put them in a colander with a weight on top.
In the meantime, dice the tomato and mince the basil, then cook them in a small pan with olive oil.
Then slice the celery and the onion, and fry them in a large pan with olive oil. Remove them to a plate.
In the same pan, cook the frozen peas. Remove them to the plate.
Cut the peppers in squares, and put them in the pan, all but half a cup. Remove to the plate.
If you have a zucchini, this would be the moment to slice it and fry it.
Finally, squeeze the eggplant and fry them in the pan.
You should end up with something like this:

And finally, the secret: in a food processor, put the raw peppers, the garlic clove, the celery leaves, the mint leaves, some salt and a teaspoon of olive oil.

Pulse and then add half a teaspoon of ground cumin, cover and store in the fridge while you cook the cous cous.
When cous cous is ready, add the vegetables, and when it has cooled down completely, mix in the raw peppers and stir well.


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