Long, cold, Albertan winter

The weather forecast guy on TV has said it all february long: temperatures well below seasonal averages. 10 to 15 degrees below.
But this last week has been incredible. I mean even for Canadian standards: the coldest week of all winter, at what’s supposed to be the end of winter.
Now Environment Canada told us that march is going to be cold too: and even if people in Saskatchewan and Manitoba are going to have it even harder than us here in Alberta, last week has been under windchill alert for all the prairie provinces.

Still, when wind gives us a moment of respite, it’s so beautiful up here.
I feel I have to share it with you, you know, just in case you happen to lend a hear to someone who smoked too much LSD in the 70’s and says it’s like Hiroshima…

Audi has made patriotic spots for its Quattro series for each country.
This is the winter version of the Canadian version:

It says, among the other lovelinesses of living this north: “darkness at four”.
What annoyed me most, during this long, cold, Albertan winter, way more than darkness at 4 pm, was sunlight at 9 am.
Still, there is at least an advantage in rising before the sun does, and it’s that you get to see the dawn…

Dawn on Fort Mac


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