And the Oscar goes to…

This is the first time in my life that the Oscars night does not involve waking up at 2 AM to watch the show… so it’s pure irony that of all years, it’s THIS year I’m SO unprepared.
Of the 43 movies and 15 shorts that contend in the various categories, I have seen so few that, were I one of the 6,000 members of the Academy, I could not vote in any category.

Not that usually I am prepared on EACH category: all the short movies and documentaries can be hard to find, and very often foreign language films do not always find the way to the theatres; then I’m never really prepared on visual effects, because it’s not exactly my kind of movies.
But this year I didn’t get to see not even the 9 movies nominated for Best Picture!

Moving to Canada in the middle of 2013 meant that I lost many movies that were not yet out in Italy and already withdrawn in Canada.
Then here in Fort McMurray we have just one theatre that shows six movies at a time.
Finally, the movies that are considered interesting for the Fort Mac audience are mostly mainstream big productions; to say, at the moment of writing, the cinema is showing “The Lego Movie”, “Pompeii”, “Robo Cop”, “The monuments men”, “Endless love” and “Winter’s tale”.
I have not seen “Nebraska”, “Dallas buyers club”, “Her”, “Philomena” and “12 years a slave”.
“Captain Phillips”, “Blue jasmine” and “August:Osage country” I have seen on a plane, bouncing from Canada to Italy and the other way round.

So this year I won’t be looking down on my ballot, to check how I’m doing. This year I’ll just enjoy the show.
And I am very curious to see if Paolo Sorrentino’s “La grande bellezza” (“The great beauty”) will win the Oscar, after the Golden Globe, the Bafta, etc etc.

the great beauty
I wouldn’t say it’s a great movie, but surely it’s a big movie, a budget not common in Italian cinema.
It’s not even one of my favourite Italian movies, but I recognize that it perfectly portrays the inescapable decay of my country, its brutish decadence and its mock-cinic apathy.
I’d really like to know what the Academy, and the juries of every other award around the world, understood about that.


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