Go Canada Go!

When I moved here 7 months ago, all I knew about Canada was that it was that big cold country on top of the United States.
This is not entirely true: I did my geography, so I knew that Ottawa is the capital and I knew the names of the Provinces as well as their whereabouts, approximately.
What I surely did not know was that Canada is a Winter Olympics superpower!
A superpower in free-style skiing, good in snowboarding, very good in figure skating, extremely good in short track speed skating and then there are the national sports: curling and ice hockey.
I have to admit that I don’t care about curling, but ice hockey… I fell in love with it as soon as I saw my first NHL match, back in October.
As Edmonton was the first place we called home here in Canada, of course we support the Oilers, and loosely any other Canadian team that plays against the evil Americans that stole the game from Canada (see, how Canadian I have become in just 7 months?).
But the Olympics are the occasion to show the world that the game still belongs to Canada, which is defending gold medal from Vancouver 2010.
The women hockey team has already done quite good in 3 round robin matches, while the men make their olympic debut tomorrow morning… so GO CANADA, GO!

Team Canada


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