The 10 movies I cannot help, but watch during Christmas time

So now my birthday has passed and it’s OK to celebrate Christmas and Christmas rites.
My husband has had the authorization for the Christmas tree and also to put an unproportioned amount of lights on the balcony…
Oh, don’t get me wrong: I just don’t want my birthday to be overlook just because it’s in mid-december, but I LOVE Christmas, I’ve loved it forever.
And one of the things that I love most about Christmas is that you have a lot of time to watch movies!

N° 10 Trapped in Paradise (1994)

Bufera in Paradiso
First time I saw this movie it was with my dad on a dull afternoon during the holidays, and we had so much fun watching the misadventures of these 3 unlikely bank robbers, who remain stuck in this little town Paradise, where they end up repenting and being actually helped by those same people they meant to rob…

N° 9 The family man (2000)

The family man
At this point you may think I am a huge fan of Nicholas Cage, seeing he stars in both movies at n° 10 and n°9… actually, I don’t have a high opinion of his acting, but my husband loves this movie, so it’s unlikely I make it through the holiday without having to watch this scroogey tale of a top manager who’s allowed a glimpse of what his life could have been if he made less sharky choices.
I console myself that in the open finale Tea Leoni dismisses him and his tardive awareness. So much for being good on Christmas!

N° 8 Love actually (2003)

love actually
This is not a typical Christmas spirit movie, but it takes place in Christmas time and it’s the type of coral portrait movie that I love (favourite one, Robert Altman’s “Short cuts”, not really Christmasy tough!). Plus this one’s set in London, my favourite city.

N° 7 Die hard (1988)

Die hard
Same as number 7, this is absolutely not a Christmas spirit movie, but it takes place during Christmas time …even tough in a skyscraper seized by terrorists and besieged by LAPD! Furthermore, John MacLane is a myth.

N° 6 Home alone (1990)

Home alone
“Be careful what you wish for”, especially when it involves making your whole family disappear so that you’re left to deal with two clumsy burglars on your own.

N° 5 While you were sleeping (1995)

While you were sleeping
An amazing number of romantic comedies are set around Christmas time, this one is my favourite. A very young Sandra Bullock plays a lone young woman who saves the life of a man she had a silent crush on, and finds herself entangled in a big lie, winning in the end her true love and a new family.

N° 4 Trading places (1983)

Una poltrona per due
A classic in my family: on Christmas Day, after the big lunch, after playing cards (and in my case, after losing), after skipping dinner because you’re still too full from lunch, we would retreat to the family room and watch stars from the 80’s in this exhilarating comedy about the consequences of $1 bets.

N° 3 The nightmare before Christmas (1993)

Nightmare before Christmas
I will ever feel in debt towards Tim Burton for 2 things: “Big fish” and Jack Skellington. Jack’s adorable when he is bored and weary about celebrating endlessly the same festivity (namely Halloween) and he’s even more adorable when he discovers Christmas and he decides to enact its macabre version in Halloween Town.

N° 2 When Harry met Sally (1989)

Harry ti presento Sally
Ok, technically this would be a New Year’s Eve day… so what?

N° 1 It’s a wonderful life (1946)

La vita è meravigliosa
This is THE Christmas spirit movie par excellence
I am no ashamed in confessing that every year I swear to myself that I’m not going to cry, I am not going to cry, I said I am NOT going to try… so far I have never succeeded.


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