Birthday in NYC

I’m not very concerned about getting older. I am not even thrilled about it. It’s something that just happens. Still, it’s a great excuse I readily take to have a bit of self-celebration, enslaving husband, family and friends for a day.
To make the most of our temporary being in Northern America, this year I went to New York City.
49C. Empire State Building
And one of the benefits of being born in mid-december is that the city was already in Christmas mood, with all the icons you get to know from movies already in their place.

I know that the pictures are not remarkable, but it was too cold to take the fingers out of the gloves even for the few seconds it takes to adjust the camera settings… you know, when you start saying “oh, well the reflex works great also in full auto mode”, then you go on saying “oh, well, the i-Phone camera takes such great pictures” and you end up saying “oh, well, no need to take a picture: I’ll buy a postcard” or “oh, well, I’ll take this picture next time I come here”.

What was remarkable instead was the cheeseburger we had at Burger Joint (enter Le Park Meridien from 56th street, move past the desk on the left to a red tent: Burger Joint is beyond that tent). Prepare for a long queue and to struggle for a table, but you can make use of the time you’ll spend queuing getting ready for order: it’s better to know how you want your burger before you reach the counter. Then find a spot and enjoy!

A similar scheme is followed at Hill Country, a Texan style place on the northern side of Flatiron. It can turn out useful to watch the tutorial!
We had beef ribs, pork ribs and the brisket, with sweet potato mash, corn pudding and beans as sides.

On saturday the snow fell on NYC all day long, followed by rain in the evening, so we remained in the Times Square area, where we were staying. So we discovered Ruby Foo, a big pan-asian restaurant, where we stuffed ourselves with dim sum and japanese rolls. We loved the Szechuan pork dumplings and the spring rolls, and we recommend the monster roll and the spicy diablo roll. Too bad the place is too dimly illuminated to take pictures… but besides, the food disappeared so quickly that pictures would have been blurred anyway!

Then obviously these lucky folks in Manhattan get to have also a branch of Eataly, and I envy them so much… I just wonder if they ship to Canada!


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