An all-salmon meal

When I arrived here I was pretty desperate for fish… that delicious mediterranean fish I was used to back home, that in Canada is nowhere to be seen.
Surrounded, by trout and salmon… I didn’t even like salmon!
But one must make the most of anything, right?
My patient husband helped me by cooking salmon in new ways: oven baked wrapped in tinfoil with ginger and cumin or pan seared with garlic and dill… and I responded.
So it was with the biggest surprise that I heard my own voice suggesting “you know, we could try it with the same pistachio panure they make the tuna at Le Bon Bock“, a very nice place close to where we live in Rome.

Easier done that said!
All you need is salmon fillets, a handful of pistachios, one garlic clove and one tablespoon of mustard.
First season the fillets with salt and pepper.

IMG_8614 _C
Then grind the pistachios (not too finely), and then add crushed garlic and the mustard, to form a paste that you’ll spread evenly on the salmon.
Finally arrange the fillets on a baking tray covered with parchment paper, and loosely covered with aluminium foil (so that the pistachios don’t turn too brown).
20 minutes in the oven at 360 F et voilà, it’s ready!

With the leftover salmon (some 150 gr), we made pasta of course! We’re Italians…

All you need is two dozens cherry tomatoes, one clove garlic and fresh parsley.
First of all, put a large pot of water to boil.
In the meantime, heat 3 Tbsp olive oil in a pan and brown the garlic clove, then remove.
Add the cherry tomatoes (halved), salt and sauté for 10 minutes, medium heat.
Finally add the salmon (thinly sliced) and cook very briefly. Season with a little pepper.
At this point water should be boiling, so add salt and, when the it is boiling again, pour the pasta: we used shells, which are perfect because as salmon tend to flake, it naturally fills the shells. I’d advise against spaghetti or linguini or other long shape pasta, because salmon would collect in the plate while you eat salmonless spaghetti.
When pasta is al dente, drain it with a colander and pour it into the pan and mix with the salmon and tomatoes sauce.
Finish by adding the chopped parsley on each plate.

Quick and easy!


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